Situated on more than 270 acres of Orange County’s extremely fertile black dirt, the Chester Agricultural Center is conserving prime farmland, making it available on long-term affordable leases and putting it to its best use: growing clean, local food using organic management practices.

The CAC is working to build a stronger and more equitable regional food system, and a regenerative thriving local economy. Area farmers, leaders, values-aligned non-profit organizations and other stakeholders have stepped forward in support. The Center promotes greater awareness among farmers, workers, social investors and the community of the challenges and opportunities in the current farm-labor economy.”

Old Reliable by Angelo Marcialis
photo: copyright Angelo Marcialis Photography

We support and nurture the land, our farmers, and our community to develop a strong network of growers, food activists, and allies in the Hudson Valley. We strive to do so by:

• Providing affordable farmland and infrastructure to beginning organic and biodynamic farmers, making farming more accessible to those who otherwise could not afford it

• Promoting racial and economic justice in the food system through education, organizing, and advocacy

• Ensuring fair labor practices and providing opportunities for farm workers to become farm owners

• Supporting local efforts to address food insecurity and build food sovereignty

• Seeking to make organic and biodynamic farming practices viable and sustainable through technical and financial support to farmers

• Creating a space for farmers, farm employees, and the Hudson Valley community to work together to define new relationships and identify common ground through education, dialogue, knowledge-sharing, and networking

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