In response to the stresses that COVID-19 has placed both on the revenues of farmers at CAC as well as the community’s access to nutritious fresh food, CAC created the Farm Store to provide a safe multi-farm ordering platform that showcases the multitude of products grown at CAC and the diverse cultures and backgrounds represented by our farmers.

Order Online: Click here to order online
Hours: Fri 12-6, Sat 10-2
Location: 8 Greycourt Avenue, Chester NY 10918

Pricing Accessibility
Chester Agricultural Center uses an innovative fair pricing model developed by Rolling Grocer 19 to ensure food accessibility for all.

Similar to sliding-scale pricing, customers will consider several personal factors, including combined household income, and then self-select the payment tier that meets their individual shopping needs. We do not ask for any paperwork or verification, and trust that customers will make an honest decision.

The CAC Farm Store